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Véronique Arnould

Will you get this fabulous quit as a BOM with patterns and fabrics, exactly the same way I've got the Stonefields quilt the last year ? I love it and everything was so well prepared to make it !!!!!! Thank you so much.
Véronique Arnould


Love, love and more love! Now I have four huge quilt projects. I just signed up for this one!

Susana Jimenez Gutierrez

I've just signed up for this wonderful project. I hope to recieve the first instructions soon. Kisses from Barcelona

Anne de Koning

Hi Susan, Hope you are well. Just wondering if I can order the next lot of patterns for the Rowdy Flat quilt. I have the first three from our sewing day at Joy's house last year. I am not sure how you would prefer me to pay; I can transfer the money if this is how you prefer to be paid. Warmest regards, Anne de Koning

American Quilting

Hi Susan! This is American Quilting in Orem UT USA. We are very interested in doing The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt as a block of the month here in our shop. Would you please let us know how to order patterns wholesale through you? Thank you so much, The American Quilting Gals

Pamela Smith

Love this quilt. Will definitely be attempting this with the purchase of my first block pattern!

Debora Talley

How can I order the Stonefields Quilt pattern? I live in the US and cannot find any information I
Understand. All the places I've looked are in Dutch and I'm not understanding. I'm also interested in the St. Neot Band Sampler. I've contacted a few quilt shops offering Rowdy Flats BOM and still cannot get any help in locating this pattern. My email is
jim.debtalley1973@yahoo.com. Please
Let me know the details on these quilts. I'm exhausting all means of ever getting to make these beautiful quilts. My name
Is Deborah Talley.

Karen Larson

I'm trying to find wholesale information for Susan Smith's patterns.

Quilts at the Marshall House
Marshall, MI USA

Glennis O'Donovan

Is the pattern for Sue Smith's "Stevie's Garden" still available? If not, do you know if I can source it anywhere else? Thanks, Glennis.


Hi! I see that your links are still active for purchasing the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt pattern in the US. Is it still available? Any special instructions for purchase?
Thank you!


Hi Sue,
Would you be able to send me a direct deposit(to your bank;bsb, acc no) details so I can make a payment this way for the patterns/fabric for quilt: The Rowdy Flat Library
Many Thanks Anna

Isabel Marin Martinez-Gil

Dear Susan:
I live in Madeid Spain, and i would like to know if you have books,and if so,where can i buy them.
Thanks a lot and hugs

Roz Keeney

I am in need of only block 6 and the border patterns.I ordered per month back when you first offered the pattern and now have trouble ordering the remaining patterns.

would you tell me how to order?

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